Pastor Jason Clutter

I became a licensed minister 1997. Started doing missionary trips (Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guyana)from 1995-2001, lived in Honduras from 1999-2000.
-Started spanish church in NC from 2003-2010
-Helped start and started many Spanish Speaking preaching points.
-Evangelized from 2010-2011
-Pastor of Turning Point Church 2011- present.
-Served the Ohio District UPCI as Ohio District Spanish from 2013-2014
-Serve the Ohio District UPCI as Multicultural Ministries Director from 2020-present
-Serve as Section 7 Ohio District UPCI Secretary/Treasurer from 2019- present.

Transformation Slide Show of our Current address

Not only is our Pastor a talented preacher, he is also a Carpenter by trade. Our pastor along with other members of our church transformed an old mechanics garage into what is now Turning Point Church. It was a lot of late nights, blood, sweat, and tears poured into our building. We love our Church, and continue to grow. We love our Pastor and his family also.